Acrylic foam tape

Tape and glue, tape, paper tape, etc., is a kind of strip with viscous artificial products, can stick on the surface of some items, can be used as a connection of two different items or some screen wall, protection.
Tape is consists of two parts, the base material and adhesive, adhesive by connecting two or more not objects together. On its surface coated with a layer of adhesive. The earliest adhesive from animals and plants, in the 19th century, rubber adhesive is the main ingredients; While modern widely used all kinds of polymer. Adhesive to stick to things, it is because of itself and to connect objects of molecules between the formation of bonding, the bonding can put the molecular firmly sticking together. Adhesive composition, according to the different brand, different types, there are different kinds of polymers.
According to the base material can be divided into the BOPP tape, duct tape, kraft paper tape, textured paper tape, fiber tape, PVC tape, PE foam tape, etc. According to the application can be divided into the warning tape, carpet tape, electrical tape, protective film paper glue, stretch film, adhesive tape, sealing tape, modules, tape, etc. According to the market popularity can be divided into ordinary tape, special tape. According to the ambient temperature can be divided into low temperature tape, tape, high temperature tape at room temperature. According to the paste can be divided into single-sided adhesive tape and double sided tape.


Main features:
Tape has the following features:
1, not sticky;
2, high resistance, low temperature resistance, products use for a long time and heat-resistant up to 260℃;
3, corrosion resistance;
4, low friction and wear resistance;
5, high wet resistance insulation;

widely applied in winter coat, ski clothes, down jacket, sailing, diving suits, tents, car covers, raincoat, motorcycle raincoats, waterproof shoes and other related supplies series and spacesuit, the lift-off balloon, the chemical protective clothing and other protection air system products.