1mm Cheap price double side Auto PE foam Tape

1mm Cheap price double side Auto PE foam Tape


Double Side PE Foam Adhesive Tape

backing material polyethylene
adhesive solvent
thickness 05/0.8/1/1.5/2/3/4mm
foam color white/black
film liner color red/green/blue



1.moderate thickness,good softness,suitable for different use space.
2.good flexibility,prevent components moving when shaken.
3.good holding power,good adhesion to the rough complex surface.
4.Good resistance to temperature and solvent,comply with ROHS environmental standard.
5.surface release material:Red/Green release film
6.backing material:PE foam
7Adhesive:slovent pressure sensitive adhesive

Specially suitable for the fixation of inner structure in the glass combination like the glass curtain wall and soundproof wall etc,also used to stick the car decorations and for the combination orientation of sound source inside the voice box.