2017 second quarter results pk start meeting

March 29, 2017, ShenYang Weiming Technology Co., Ltd. held a second quarter results pk start meeting. In order to enrich the staff’s amateur life, to promote communication between employees, in the busy busy spare time to enjoy the fun of collective activities, general manager Ms. Li Chunmin led the staff and other company employees gathered in the company conference room, The atmosphere of the happy start.

Enterprise sales PK race has been in our company for three quarters, with each quarter of the PK contest fixed, whether the company or the staff have begun to integrate into the game, it seems to have become an enterprise activities , A system, a culture. The meeting, we once again witnessed the charm of foreign trade.
PK race is on. Company leaders and employees interspersed, meticulous division of labor, happily chatting with each other, breaking the office of the cautious and boring, closer to the distance between leadership and staff.

In the start of the start, first of all the first quarter of the results of the PK race to sum up, PK win the winner received their own bonuses, but also shared their business experience.

The company then sent a representative to report to the leadership of the work of the previous quarter results, and the leadership of the company last quarter to do the report of the pk results.

PK Purpose:
Improve sales performance, enhance team doubling, to achieve self-breakthrough
PK team:
Shenyang Vhandy Technology Co., Ltd., Shenyang Yang Xin Guang Advertising Co., Ltd. and Shenyang Tyco Fluid Control Co., Ltd.
PK cycle
April 1, 2017 to June 30, 2017
PK content: according to the company’s existing regulations to carry out sales operations, the highest amount of sales team to win.
Employees read their PK counterparts in the PK project and rewards and punishments.

Each company’s internal staff read out their performance goals.

Start will come to an end, each team participated in the pk team style show, to show you a new high determination and morale. Neatly formed and loud slogans infected with the presence of everyone.

Through this start, the business elite are more clear goal, to enhance the morale of the work. At the same time, this event not only deepened the feelings between colleagues, but also improve the collective sense of unity and cohesion, to everyone’s spare time to add a brilliant!