anti slip double sided adhesive PE foam tape


Anti slip double sided adhesive PE foam tape

P roduct Description ZH-DPE10BP is based on electronic grade foaming PE foam , double-sided coated with high performance acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive, single-sided laminated with double-sided siliconized release paper. Product composition: Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive Electronic grade high density PE foam base material Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive Light yellow or white release paper Product feature: With excellent heat resistance , chemical corrosion resistance , weather resistance,strong cohesive force,good holding power,good shock-proof and sealing properties,compliance with environmental protection requirement. Application idea: Widely used as shock-proof and sealing material with strong viscous force for the labels and nameplate,refrigerator and air conditioner,automotive electronics components, also ideal for the shock absorption and fixing of the precision machinery components parts.