Acrylic foam tape
Acrylic foam tape is a high density acrylic foam substrate, acrylic adhesive, excellent bond strength, good sealing performance.

High-density acrylic foam base material, acrylic adhesive, excellent bonding strength, good sealing performance, can replace the traditional mechanical connection of riveting, welding and other structures from the fixed role, anti-ultraviolet, anti-solvent, can be used for outdoor. Metal, plastic, glass, ceramics and other materials, structural bonding. Such as metal ribs, electronic products, plastic parts of the fixed, laminated glass.


The basic model, suitable for metal, glass and most plastic and other high surface energy material bonding.

Good adhesion, anti-plasticizer, apply to the uneven surface, such as the arc surface of the bond, and soft PVC material fixed.

Applicable to PP, PE and other low surface energy materials bonding.

Anti-plasticizer, suitable for soft PVC material bonding.

Low temperature operation, can be as low as 0 degrees Celsius in the case of operation, suitable for winter outdoor construction.

Ultra-high strength acrylic transfer film for the electronics industry and high surface energy materials bonding.

Polyethylene foam double-sided tape, double-sided foam tape, industrial tape-4630, the substrate using high-density foam material (100KG / M3), the product in addition to a good sticky, anti-aging, anti-environmental impact characteristics , But also has a good vertical load-bearing capacity.

Application: mirror with special tape, with a particularly good vertical load-bearing capacity.