Acrylic foam tape

Product description:

1 product thickness to choose from: 0.25MM, 0.4MM, 0.5MM, 0.64, 0.8MM, 1.0MM, 1.2MM, 1.6MM, 2.0MM,

2 to meet the different requirements of different designs and products, the color of the gel is: gray / White / transparent / Black

Waterproof, anti vibration, sound insulation, heat resistance, strong adhesion, excellent weatherability, good dimensional stability, excellent punching performance

It has good adhesion to plastic, metal, wood, paper, silicone, plastic and so on Peel strength, initial viscosity and shear strength are good It has high adhesion and good adhesion durability in high and low temperature environment High strength adhesion, excellent adhesion to high surface energy and low surface energy materials Resistance to chemical solvents, moisture resistance, high viscosity, good shape, UV resistance .


Applications include: glass curtain wall, assembly, to provide super adhesive force and dust-proof seal, while anti UV effect To meet the various needs of the construction, such as insulation, connection, binding, waterproof, repair, seal, logo, etc. Product applications involve a variety of industrial production assembly processes including: Electronic and digital products processing and assembly, bonding fixed advertising, electronic signs, LED board Assembly of household electrical appliances, fixing of metal plate stiffener Corrosion protection of long distance oil and gas pipelines, aircraft manufacturing and assembly in aerospace Auto: fangcatiao bumper anti-collision plate, nameplate sign pedal, all kinds of automobile and motorcycle nameplate letter paste Car decoration, water, seal, car inner panels, electrical structural bonding fixed shell, hardware The mirror assembly, and various shelter panels, roof Industry: signs, signs in aluminum, PC, PP and ABS and other materials of letters, Chinese characters, patterns of adhesive fixation Paste fixed electronic signs, LED board and sign frame Household electrical appliances, such as panels, decorative strips, air conditioning equipment assembly, such as the installation of glass LED fixed, Bonding of steel plate, stiffener, fixed glass and stainless steel Electronics: mobile phone, PCB, assembly, LCD TV panel bonding, fixed plate, signs Installation of doors and windows, glass curtain wall, aluminum curtain wall, elevator wall