Adhesive Backed Foam Tape

Adhesive Backed Foam Tape

The adhesive foam tape is used when a good and permanent holding is needed,providing better bond than regular adhesives.The foams typically have a supported adhesive on one side.The adhesive foam tape is flexible with very good weather resistance properties and holding power,popular on the boat industry and other construsion fields.

The adhesive foam tape is used in air handing and acoustic enginnering,building and construsion,automotive,electrical,furniture and glass,printing,packing,advertisement and many other industries with peel strength and excellent holding power.

1, water proof.
2, excellent holding power; peel strength and initial adhesion.
3, anti shock, sound proof, heat and humidity resistance.
4, superior stick capabilities to different surfaces such as: metal; plastic; paper; wooden and silicon.
5, it is easy to cut; slit and Joint. Pretty look.

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