Alibaba china gum foam tape with low price

Alibaba china gum foam tape with low price

Double sided form tape
Strong adhesion, hrat resistance, water proof. Double sick. Ultra flexibility. Good stick, used for uneven surface, suitable for wall-mount pictures, decorations. Can be used on most types of walls, ceramic tile, and wood surface that are clean, dry and smooth. Can be stamped to various shapes. Also appky to noise damping, shock, shock absorption, electronic accessories packaging.


PE and EVA backing material available. Strong afhesion. Food mitigating vibratility. Aniti-solvent, heat resistance. Strong crack resistance.


Appple permanent fixing, irregulat surface, mounting decotative objects and nameplate in cars machines or houses.


Jumbo roll

Width: 1020mm

Length: 200m

Finished tape

Width: 11mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm etc

Length: 3m-20m

Thickness: 1mm, 2mm, 3mm

D/S foam tape is available in variety of width, length and color to meet your specific need.

Company Information

Company profile
Shenyang Weiming Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, for many years the integrity of business, has won the trust of our customers. Weiming mission: to provide customers with a better solution to the problem of bonding; Weiming culture: so that people working in Weiming harvest, so that people still work in Weiming have grown, so that the work of Wei Ming who have to rely on life. Wei-ming goal: to do a 83-year business.

Our qualifications
Shenyang Weiming Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2004, ISO9001 certification enterprises, more than 12 years focus on Adhesive Products. Is the Northeast Adhesive Products Industry leading enterprises. Is set research and development, production and sales of private enterprises.

We operate
Our main products are foam tape, PE foam tape, VHB foam tape, EVA foam tape, warning tape, sealing tape, aluminum foil tape, Teflon tape, Mara tape, masking tape, Tape, sports carpet tape, and other Adhesive Products.