China ‘s tape industry basic situation

At present, China's tape industry has a certain scale, with tape-based products manufacturers have reached more than 100. If the tape products, including the county level and above enterprises, the total number of more than 300. In addition, nearly a thousand individual tape producers Forced to cloth throughout the country.
China's current tape products (conveyor belt and transmission) a total of dozens of varieties. Thousands of specifications. According to the survey statistics.Currently the annual production capacity of the conveyor belt is about 100 million M1, in 1999 the actual production of 5 million tons of leather, production V with 500 million AM (of which the wire structure of about 1/6 or so). In the V-belt product. The cord production capacity of the V-belt is in line with the market demand. The annual production value of the belt is about 20 million yuan, and the annual production value is about 20 million yuan. The annual production value of the tape industry is about 20 million yuan.


1999 is a relatively difficult year for thetape industry in China, and the whole industry has withstood severe tests. Tape market sales are not Yang, fierce competition, a serious surplus production capacity for the situation can not be reversed. Inventory increased, the cash flow difficulties .Export blocked .Overall economic indicators of the industry declined, according to the industry with the stone industry four members of the quiet situation statistics .1999 profits from the previous year profit to loss, the main economic indicators overall decline . Total industrial output value decreased by 10.4% over the previous year, while export value decreased by 35.48% .Total value of production and net worth of receivables totaled more than 2 billion yuan, 5.2596 more than last year, equivalent to 97% of sales revenue. 1999 annual export volume of only about 80 million yuan.
  Tape industry enterprises constitute mainly state-owned enterprises. In 1999 the tape output ranked the country's top 16 manufacturers accounted for the national conveyor belt production of 41.38%.