China goods direct sale 1mm single sided foam tape

China goods direct sale 1mm single sided foam tape 


Product Description

Double sided foam tape is using foam (EVA, PE, PVC, PU,CR and EPDM) as backing material and coated with different kinds of adhesives.

Specifications of 1mm single sided foam tape:

Thicknesses  from 0.4mmto12mm
Liner White / yellow / brown /green trunk paper
Film color Green / blue / red film
Adhesive Hot melt / solvent acrylic
Foam color White / grey / black
PE foam density (kg/m3) 32 / 48 / 64 / 96 / 192 / 240
EVA foam hardness 15-45 shore C



1. Holding hooks, racks and photo frame
2. Die cutting, cushioning, shockproof and sealing
3. Pipeline wrapping for air conditions, auto trim attachment, door sealing strips,
5. Furniture and mirror manufacture;
6. glass glazing and conservatory
7. printing finishing and special package.