Double sided 1mm PE foam tape self adhesive

Double sided 1mm PE foam tape self adhesive

Poduct Description
1mm double sided self adhesive pe foam tape double side glazing tape
EVA/PE foam based, coating solvent or hot melt glue on single or double sides, covering with release paper or plastic film.

Good tensile, durable, high adhesion, excellent performance for vibration reducing and anti-crack, good weather resistance, water-proof, heat resistance, anti-chemicals etc.

Made from high density foam with adhesive on both sides.
A variety of formats including logs, rolls, sheets, die cut shapes to suit every application requirements.

Flexible, thick and have a high elongation, widely used for bonding, mounting, sealing and sound reduction, specially used on surface of wood, glass, metal and other materials.
Automoblile foam tape has good isolation and buffering, widely used for the flexible conjunction of furniture, construction and decoration. The tape are usually used on rough and uneven surface, just like sticking signboard, mirrior, map etc.
It is also applied to protect the glass board and pack the electric accessories for eliminationg noise and reducing vibration function.

No residue of glue during use, easy to tear, convenient use, excellent covering effects, good resistant of the damage.

• Competitive price and reliable quality, professional manufacturer for more than 10 years.

• No objectional odor and nontoxic, tasteless, environment protection.

• Anti-aging, anti-corrosion, long shelf life and no discoloration.

• Printing logo on paper core and shipping mark according to customer’s need

This kind of tapes are widespread markets due to its uniqueness, popularity and multifunctional application.
. Different sizes can be made according to customer’s requirements.

Wei Ming brand series of PE foam tape

PE foam tape generally refers to the PE car foam tape. Widely used in automotive interiors, door trim, rain gear, such as fixed signs paste.
Application of PE car foam
Widely used in automotive interiors, door trim, rain gear, such as fixed signs paste. Strong adhesion, good shock absorption, strong weatherability. Automobile, motorcycle label bonding, household appliances, engineering decoration, curtain wall structural adhesive fixation.

Car decoration, car glass, car pedal, sealing strip, wave plate, round arc baffle, plate brake lights, the car is fixed at the recessed plate.
PE foam tape is PE foam as the substrate, coating on both sides of highly efficient oil acrylic adhesive, flexible foam, strong adhesion, weather resistance, solvent resistance, waterproof, anti aging, provide close effect on the uneven surface of the excellent. Applicable to the electronics industry, furniture industry, metal, automotive interior and exterior decoration, logo, brand name, jewelry, etc..