Double sided PE foam tape

Product details:

PE Foam Tape, Foam Tape, Double Sided Foam Tape is PE foam coated with single or double-sided high performance rubber or acrylic adhesive. The primary application of adhesive foam tape is to hold or mount items.

Good combination of flexibility and conformability with strength & wear resistance.
Excellent weatherability and chemical resistance.
Good quick-stick makes application easy.
High shear strength gives high load bearing ability.
Foam gives good thermal insulation properties.
Composite die-cuts easily.

General mounting of mirrors, signs, nameplates, hooks and soap dispensers as well as mounting of reflectors and signs.
Filling and sealing gaps around windows, doors, and car/SUV tops for better insulation.
Gasketing, cushioning, vibration control in speakers, vehicles, electronic components and door frames.
Filling and sealing gaps around windows, doors for better insulation.