Electrical tape

Refers to electrical insulating tape used to prevent leakage, insulation tape. Also known as insulating tape, adhesive tape, pressure-sensitive adhesive layer is composed of baseband and. Baseband usually use cotton cloth, synthetic fiber fabric and plastic film, rubber made from rubber and agent made of tackifying resin, good viscosity, excellent insulation performance. Insulation tape has good insulation pressure resistance, flame retardant, weather resistance and other characteristics, suitable for wire connection, electrical insulation, thermal insulation and other features.

Insulation tape is widely used in the 380V voltage below the use of wire wrapping, joints, insulation and other electrical work. The production process has a brush glue and glue method two. Production process: polyvinyl chloride film as substrate, coated with rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive

The direct use of plastic tape more disadvantages: plastic tape for a long time to open dislocation, heavy load; electrical connector, heat, melt plastic tape shrinkage; power connector against each other in the junction box, joint burr, easily prick plastic tape etc..

These hidden dangers will directly endanger personal safety, causing short circuit, causing fire. While the use of black insulating tape will not appear above, it has certain strength, flexibility, long-term tight around the joint, affected by time and temperature and compacting the stereotypes, will not fall off, and the flame retardant. Furthermore, with black insulating tape wrapped and then wrapped plastic tape can be moisture-proof, anti rust.

Of course, insulation tape has a flaw, it has good waterproof performance but easy to break, so finally to around 2 layers of plastic tape as protective layer, joint and joint insulation tape are not sticky, better performance.