Factory Direct Sales double-sided VHB clear foam tape


Product Description


Factory Direct Sales double-sided VHB clear foam tape is designed for adhering to the irregular surface, fixing the nameplate, auto-mirror and often used in the automobile industry such as door sealing strips, pedal and metal boards. Specially suitable for the fixation of inner structure in the glass combination like the glass curtain wall and soundproof wall etc; also used to stick the car decorations and for the combination orientation of sound source inside the voice box.


1) We has taken the leading in 20 months warranty time in this industry.

2) Four Seasons General, the adhesion almost has no influence by temperature

3) Foam double-sided adhesive tape specially suit to wholesale, Especially has more wholesale line, and long inventory cycle time

4) Foam double-sided adhesive tape has excellent chemical resistance, buffer, sealing and excellent adhesion, sound insulation,avoid shake, good rebound resilience.

Physical parameters:

Item Factory Direct Sales double-sided VHB clear foam tape
Adhesive Solvent adhesive Acrylic adhesive
Color Clear
Backing PE Foam
Thickness 2mm 
Glue Tape Solvent adhesive Acrylic adhesive
Tack   ≥8 #  ≥18 #
Holding power ≥12hrs                                 ≥3hrs  
180°peeling       ≥20N/25mm                          ≥6N/25mm
Temperature resistance   90°C  60°C
Tensile strength 20N/25mm 10N/25mm
Elongation %   130%