Factory high quality Double-sided Foam Tape

Factory high quality Double-sided Foam Tape


1) It is widely used industrial & household usage,including adverisment, shoes, leather, computer embroidery, carpet jointing, sealing, protecting and book-mending etc.
2) Can be used to Automobile interior materials & automobile D/S adhesive tape, electronic, electrical appliances, packaging, construction, furniture, daily use accessories, medical industry,fill crack,adornment,car MARK adhesive etc.
3)Sticking signboard , mirror, map etc., also apply to eliminating sound and reducing vibration. Packing for electric accessories and protection for glass board, ect.
4) It is suitable for food packaging, stationery, office, hand, clothing, hardware, electronic appliances, vehicles and so on.

1.Sticking polybag and paper
2.For holding and joining of light weight objects.
3.Fixing of ornament hook or signboard
4.Shoe & leather industry
5.For computerized embroidery
6.For reinforced bonding


Double Sided TISSUE Tape selects different kinds of acrylic adhesive to coat both sides of the backing material, which are then pressed onto a layer of release paper for separation purposes. Excellent quick double-stick, strong adhesion. Tear by hand, It is widely used in interior decoration, postal service and shoe & leather industry.



1.Strong adhesion
2.Double stick
3.Easy tear
4.Convenient and neat
5.White and yellow release paper are available