Factory price custom die cut not bad foam tape for circuit boards

Factory price custom die cut not bad foam tape for circuit boards 


Product Description

Double-sided tape products: 3M double-sided tape, strong double-sided tape, PE double sided tape, PVC double-sided tape, PET double-sided tape, high temperature resistant 3M double sided tape, EVA foam double sided tape, double-sided tape car perfume seat , double-sided tape wall hooks, importing 3M double sided tape and a series of molding tape. Material with tissue paper as the substrate, coated with acrylic tape with excellent adhesion and holding tack products for a variety of substrates has a strong adhesion.


1. Colors are transparent \ black \ white \ gray \ color, etc.
2. Tack, tack holding the balance, tack lasting.
3. Adapt to a wide range of most materials can play a good bonding effect.
4. Anti-aging good performance, good adhesion properties of the substrate.
5. Acrylic adhesive type, performance and stability.
6. Screen printing signs, membrane switch, die-cut spacers and the like.
7. Electrical components, circuit boards and other electronic industrial uses.
8. Paste, access, fixed and laminating and other widely used.
9. All through the SGS environmental testing.
10. Not color, not bad, high and low temperature (-40 ℃ ~ 230 ℃).
11. Environmental protection, in line with EU standards of packaging materials, anti-aging.
Width Customized
Length Customized
Heat-resistant -40℃~230℃
Thickness 0.5MM-50MM
Adhesive Side Double Sided
Colour Transparent \ black \ white \ gray \ color, etc.


Company information

Shenyang Weiming Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, for many years the integrity of business, has won the trust of our customers. Weiming mission: to provide customers with a better solution to the problem of bonding; Weiming culture: so that people working in Weiming harvest, so that people still work in Weiming have grown, so that the work of Wei Ming who have to rely on life. Wei-ming goal: to do a 83-year business.