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Foam tape is based on EVA or P E foam as substrate on one or both surfaces coated with solvent type (or hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive) again to release paper made. With the role of sealing, damping.

Main characteristics

1, with excellent sealing, to avoid gas release and atomization.

2, excellent resistance to compression deformation, that is, with the durability of elasticity, you can ensure that the parts are long-term earthquake protection.

3, with flame retardant, does not contain harmful substances, no residue, no pollution of the equipment, the metal is not corrosive.

4, can be used in a variety of temperature range. Can be used from the negative to the degree Celsius range.

5, the surface has excellent wettability, easy bonding, easy to make, easy to cut.

6, hold the viscosity for a long time, stripping large, strong viscosity, good performance! Waterproof, anti solvent, high temperature resistance, a good paste on the bending surface.

Usage method

1, before the removal of the surface paste adhesive dust, grease, and keep dry (not even in the rainy day wall wet condition paste). If used to paste the mirror, it is recommended to use alcohol to clean the adhesive surface. [1]

2, when the work temperature should not be less than 10 degrees, or the use of hair dryer heating adhesive tape and adhesive veneer,

3, to play the best effect in the paste adhesive tape after 24 hours (paste to speak as much as possible, so the tape pressing paste) vertical load-bearing objects such as mirrors etc., on both sides of the adhesive has case, first flat 24 hours. If there is no such a condition, the vertical adhesion within 24 hours, to the bearing object to support.


The products are widely used in electronic and electrical products, machinery parts, all kinds of small household electrical appliances, mobile phone accessories, industrial instrumentation, computer and peripheral equipment, audio-visual equipment, auto parts, toys, cosmetics, gifts, medical equipment, electric tools, office stationery, display shelves, Home Furnishing decoration, acrylic glass, ceramic products, transport of insulation, paste, seal, slip and cushion packaging. [2]

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