High Strength Foam Tape

High strength foam tape is PE foam material, double coated on modified acrylic adhesive material for PE oil, isolated from the film, has the ability of high temperature of 130 DEG C, its unique high adhesive; dense PE foam material with good insulation material; easy to peel, layered.

Good temperature resistance and adhesive properties, surface suitable for rough and irregular, high strength foam tape is widely used for paste nameplate, logo, for mobile phone manufacturing, electronics and auto parts. With high strength foam PE as base material, special oil acrylic plastic double coated with high temperature resistance of the adhesive.

Features: high density, high strength of PE material, double-sided adhesive, high temperature to 130 DEG C, aging resistance, high adhesive. Close to the 4950# properties of 0.5mm foam and 3M, close to the 4229# properties of 0.8mm foam and 3M company.

Application: high strength foam tape used in electronics, automotive field.

Specification: high strength foam tape semi-finished products is generally the maximum length of 500m. Max width 1070/1040mm (utility is generally 1050/1020mm).

Thickness: 0.5/ 0.8mm

Finished roll: high strength foam tape length and width can be in accordance with the requirements of production.