Hot sale double sided EVA foam tape

Hot sale double sided EVA foam tape


Product Description:

EVA foam tape is pe double coated tapes have various density with modified acrylic adhesives that provide good initial tack and high adhesion to many kinds of surface .

PE/EVA foam tape are suitable for sealing ,shock proof and applied to nameplate ornaments ,side molding and sun loop of automotive .We are using modified acrylic adhesives and syntheticalrubber adhesives for customer’s requirements.

The high tack adhesive provides relatively high initial adhesion and good shear holding power to a variety of surfaces, at the same time it has good vibrating resistance ability.

EVA foam single or double sided tape is used modified acrylic adhesive or het-melt adhesive with paper or film release liner.This product is suitable for hooks ,racks ,dispensers and fixing a variety of surface.This tape also give fixed sealing and shockproof.


1. General mounting of mirrors, signs, nameplates, hooks and soap dispensers as well as mounting of reflectors and signs.

2. Filling and sealing gaps around windows, doors, and car/SUV tops for better             insulation.

3. Gasketing, cushioning, vibration control in speakers, vehicles, electronic components and door frames.

4. Filling and sealing gaps around windows, doors for better insulation.


 1. Good combination of flexibility and conformability with strength & wear resistance.

2. Excellent weatherability and chemical resistance.

3. Good quick-stick makes application easy.

4. High shear strength gives high load bearing ability.

5. Foam gives good thermal insulation properties.

6. Composite die-cuts easily.