Is the foam tape high temperature resistant?

Is the foam tape high temperature resistant?

Foam insulation can be insulated, foam tape is also commonly used in the field of insulation industry. Among them, PE foam insulation in the category of more advantages, such as cold and warm room machines, water tanks, chemical pipes, hot water pipes and other insulation or insulation.

In addition to the above traditional applications, automotive, aircraft, high-speed trains and other advanced manufacturing areas are also increasingly introduced foam tape. To Tesa tape tesa 62708, for example, the adhesive is pure acrylic rubber, the substrate is PE foam, the product is double-sided tape. Has the following advantages:

Excellent temperature performance, short-term temperature resistance of up to 120 ℃, long-term temperature resistance up to 100 ℃.

The final bonding strength is high, to achieve safe and reliable bonding performance.

Excellent pants foam material can make up the design tolerance or fill the uneven surface.

Excellent die cutting performance.