Ixpe pe foam tape

IXPE universal electron radiation crosslinked polyethylene foam, with polyethylene as the main raw materials, with several other does not contain any harmful substances by mixing extrusion molding materials, through the green health radiation processing technology, from material produced by crosslinking ion radiation to change the original structure of the base material, forming a network of independent closed cell foam the pore structure, production of high-tech high-grade closed cell foam.

This product has a smooth appearance, feel comfortable, good processing performance, etc.. The foam was fine and uniform, and have strong flexibility, sound insulation, heat insulation, excellent thermal insulation effect, low water absorption, resilience, weather resistance, aging resistance, mildew and functional materials and strong corrosion resistance of various chemical agents such as in line with international environmental standards.

IXPE also called PE foam material, just a set of procedures in IXPE foaming process, cross-linking in material produced by electric ion radiation to change the original structure of the base material, IXPE foam formation, smooth surface of the foam / beautiful / fine and uniform characteristics, is to protect the modern packaging and packaging materials for high appliances etc..

The related characteristics of IXPE: (1) insulation – its fine independent bubble structure, effectively reduce the energy exchange caused by air convection, suitable for the production of insulation pipe, insulation board. And with anti condensation, which is very suitable for heat insulation material for refrigerator, air conditioning and cold and wet environment. (2) buffer – its semi rigid foam, subject to strong shock without loss of performance, used in precision instruments, semiconductors, electronic products and other packaging areas. (3) — with absorption of sound absorption and noise reduction function, suitable for car, motor and other acoustic insulation materials and equipment in strong noise environment. (4) – (XPE/IXPE) forming strong heat resistance, good ductility, uniform density, molding can realize vacuum forming and hot forming parts with deep, so it can be used in automobile air conditioner evaporator cabinet, automobile hot press ceiling interiors and the shoe materials. (5) in addition, XPE/IXPE also has non-toxic, tasteless, chemical resistance, resistance to oil, acid resistance, halogen and other types of chemicals, and easy processing, can be arbitrarily cut, with a variety of material attached, as a new generation of high efficiency and energy saving, environmentally friendly materials have broad prospects for development.