Mounting Foam Tape
Strong,double-stick foam tape
Wall-mount picture,decorations
Stick fast,easy tear

Mounting Foam Tape

1)- Carrier:PE or EVA foam

2)- Thickness:0.5mm~6mm

3)- Adhesive:acrylic solvent base

4)- Double side tape are made from paper or foam for the base material,coated with a strong adhesive,by the isolation of separating paper

5)- Feature: Good transparency,stick fast and easy tear.

6)- Width and length are available according to your request.

7)- Double side tapes are used to replace glue for bonding and fixing purposes.

8)- Excellent quick double-stick

9)- Hand-tearable for easy application

10)—– Conformability to irregular surface

11)—– Strong adhesion,neat,convenient

12)—– Protecting surface of machines from rust and humidity.

Sticky on both sides of tape

Wall-mount pictures,decorations.

Use on most types of walls…ceramic tile,wood-surfaces that are clean,dry and smooth.

Instuctions: Follow these easy-to-mount steps.Use four inches/101,6mm of tape for each half-pound/227g of weight to be mounted. Use only for mounting objects up to 2 pounds/900g maximum.

1).Make light pencil lines on wall at key.points around object to be mounted.

2).Cut lengths needed form roll.Do not remove protective liners as yet.

3).Press tape into position on back of object to be mounted. Press firmly on liner for good adhesive contact.

4).Remove liner and press firmly into place on wall.