New Product Heat Resistant EVA Fingerboard VHB Acrylic PE Foam Tape

New Product Heat Resistant EVA Fingerboard VHB Acrylic PE Foam Tape 

Product Description

What are the features of our double sided foam tape?















Heat Resis.




Foam Color
PE Foam Tape Acrylic/


PE 0.5~5mm 10 ≥17     – ≥24 Black/White
EVA Foam Tape Hotmelt EVA 0.5~5mm 18 ≥17    – ≥24 Black/White
Acrylic Foam tape Acrylic ACRYLIC 0.23~5mm 10 ≥100    – ≥24 Black/White/Clear/

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What are the outlooks of our double sided foam tape?
1. Polyethylene Foam(PE) Tapes are cross-linked, closed-cell polyethylene foam tapes for general purpose use. Coated on both sides with a high-tack, rubber-based permanent adhesive with outstanding grab on wide range of materials. These tapes offers long term bonding that stands up to UV damage and weather, even on irregular or uneven surfaces.

2. VHB Acrylic Foam tapes are double-sided, acrylic-based adhesive tapes especially designed for the bonding of high and medium energy substrates. This gray tape is capable of absorbing the differing thermal expansions of two different materials, and maintains a high impact resistance even at temperatures below 0 Celsius. This has a very high initial tack due to the coating and has a very good plasticizer resistance. The advantage of the excellent conformability is that thin or textured surfaces can be bonded full surface and tension free.

3.EVA Foam tape is base on EVA backing material available , coating on both sides with strong Solvent Acrylic adhesive or hot melt adhesive and with White silicon paper/glassine silicon paper as release liner. Eva Foam tape is designed for adhering to the irregular surface, fixing the nameplate, auto-mirror and often used in the automobile industry such as door sealing strips, pedal and metal boards. Specially suitable for the fixation of inner structure in the glass combination like the glass curtain wall and soundproof wall etc; also used to stick the car decorations and for the combination orientation of sound source inside the voice box.