New products alibaba china white tissue foam eva double side tape

New products alibaba china white tissue foam eva double side tape


widely used in the manufacture of electronic products, household appliances and leather wear etc; especially used in the leather process.

2.Material composition:

Backing material is cotton paper or non-woven fabrics,


1.solvent pressure-sensitive adhesive.

2.water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive. melt pressure-sensitive adhesive etc.


1) It is widely used industrial & household usage, including advertisement, shoes, garment,

leather, computer embroidery, carpet jointing, sealing, protecting and book-mending etc.

2)Can be used to Automobile interiror materials & automobile double sided adhesinve tape,

electronic , electrical appliances, pakaging, construction, furniture, daily use accessories,

medical industry, fill crack, adornment, car MARK adhesive etc.

3)Sticking signboard, mirror, map etc., also apply to eliminating sound and reducing

vibration. Packing for electric accessories and protection for glass board, etc.

4) It is suitable for food packaging, stationery, office, hand, clothing, hardware, electronic

appliances, vehicles and so on.

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Shenyang Weiming Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, for many years the integrity of business, has won the trust of our customers. Weiming mission: to provide customers with a better solution to the problem of bonding; Weiming culture: so that people working in Weiming harvest, so that people still work in Weiming have grown, so that the work of Wei Ming who have to rely on life. Wei-ming goal: to do a 83-year business.

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Shenyang Weiming Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2004, ISO9001 certification enterprises, more than 12 years focus on Adhesive Products. Is the Northeast Adhesive Products Industry leading enterprises. Is set research and development, production and sales of private enterprises.

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Our main products are foam tape, PE foam tape, VHB foam tape, EVA foam tape, warning tape, sealing tape, aluminum foil tape, Teflon tape, Mara tape, masking tape, Tape, sports carpet tape, and other Adhesive Products.