Packaging tape

Also known as BOPP tape, packing tape, which is based on BOPP biaxially oriented polypropylene film as substrate, after heating evenly pressure-sensitive emulsion, the formation of 8 mu m—-28 Mu ranging from m layer, light industry enterprises, companies and individuals are indispensable in life activities, the country does not have a perfect the standard of the tape industry, only an industry standard “QB/T 2422-1998 sealing BOPP pressure-sensitive adhesive tape” in the BOPP film after corona treatment, side surface roughness, the glue on the top, to form a parent roll, then the machine cut into small volumes of different specifications, is our tape daily use. Pressure sensitive adhesive emulsion.

High quality and high performance of the tape even in extreme weather, its performance is good, suitable for warehouse storage of goods, container shipment and prevent cargo theft, illegal opening. Sealing tape supply up to 6 colors and different sizes of the neutral form and personalized

Characteristic Instantaneous adhesive force – sealing adhesive tape is sticky. Fixed ability – even if only a small amount of pressure, but also in accordance with your ideas stick to the workpiece. Easy to tear – easy to tear from the tape, without the tape stretching and dragging phenomenon. Controlled expansion of sealing tape from the tape can be pulled in a controlled manner, neither too loose nor too tight. Soft – sealing tape can easily adapt to the shape of the curve of the blast. Thin – sealing tape with a thick edge of debris will not leave. Smoothness – sealing tape feel very smooth, hand press will not stimulate the hand. Anti – transfer – sealing tape will not leave adhesive after removal. Anti solvent – sealing tape back material to prevent solvent penetration. Resistance to fragmentation – sealing tape does not appear to be broken. Anti retraction – sealing tape along the curve surface extension and retraction phenomenon does not appear off. Anti – stripping paint will firmly fixed on the metal sealing tape on the back.

Main advantages  :And the thickness of thin, good price performance ratio, transparent appearance, double-sided adhesive, non-toxic, tasteless, good safety, convenient use, high efficiency, high strength, good anti buffer shrinkage and anti – Tear proof performance is good.