PE Foam tape

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Wei Ming brand series of PE foam tape

PE foam tape generally refers to the PE car foam tape. Widely used in automotive interiors, door trim, rain gear, such as fixed signs paste.

Application of PE car foam
Widely used in automotive interiors, door trim, rain gear, such as fixed signs paste. Strong adhesion, good shock absorption, strong weatherability. Automobile, motorcycle label bonding, household appliances, engineering decoration, curtain wall structural adhesive fixation.

Car decoration, car glass, car pedal, sealing strip, wave plate, round arc baffle, plate brake lights, the car is fixed at the recessed plate.
PE foam tape is PE foam as the substrate, coating on both sides of highly efficient oil acrylic adhesive, flexible foam, strong adhesion, weather resistance, solvent resistance, waterproof, anti aging, provide close effect on the uneven surface of the excellent. Applicable to the electronics industry, furniture industry, metal, automotive interior and exterior decoration, logo, brand name, jewelry, etc..
• Color beautiful safe and environmental protection
• VHB adhesive foam tape
• Super viscous soft
• High tensile strength and good docile
• Lasting adhesion without leaving a trace
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Company profile
Shenyang Weiming Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, for many years the integrity of business, has won the trust of our customers. Weiming mission: to provide customers with a better solution to the problem of bonding; Weiming culture: so that people working in Weiming harvest, so that people still work in Weiming have grown, so that the work of Wei Ming who have to rely on life. Wei-ming goal: to do a 83-year business.
Our qualifications

Shenyang Weiming Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2004, ISO9001 certification enterprises, more than 12 years focus on Adhesive Products. Is the Northeast Adhesive Products Industry leading enterprises. Is set research and development, production and sales of private enterprises.

Our main products are foam tape, PE foam tape, VHB foam tape, EVA foam tape, warning tape, sealing tape, aluminum foil tape, Teflon tape, Mara tape, masking tape, Tape, sports carpet tape, and other Adhesive Products.
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Using the method of foam tape

1, before the removal of the surface paste adhesive dust, grease, and keep dry (not even in the rainy day wall wet condition paste). If used to paste the mirror, it is recommended to use alcohol to clean the adhesive surface.

2, when the work temperature should not be less than 10 degrees, or the use of hair dryer heating adhesive tape and adhesive veneer.

3, to play the best effect in the paste adhesive tape after 24 hours (paste to speak as much as possible, so the tape pressing paste) vertical load-bearing objects such as mirrors etc., on both sides of the adhesive has case, first flat 24 hours. If there is no such a condition, the vertical adhesion within 24 hours, to the bearing object to support.
  • Features: covering and sound-absorbing, shock resistance and sealing, easy bonding properties;
    Water resistance: closed bubble structure, non absorbent, waterproof moisture-proof;
    Corrosion resistance: resistance to oil, acid, alkali and other chemical corrosion, anti-bacterial, anti-aging, non-toxic, tasteless, non polluting; Insulation, sound absorption, good performance, easy to hot pressing, cutting, laminating and other processing.

What is suitable for foam tape

1 car interiors, bar, dashboard, lining around the roof, foot pad, visor material, nameplate, metal paste of fixed personality;

2 the photo seal damping Jiezhuang industry decoration, doors and windows tops; all kinds of mosaic products paste;

3 electrical and electronic equipment, precision instruments and other electronic products shockproof cushioning packaging and other fields;

4 shoes, bags back cushion, cushions, sporting goods and other high-end products daily foam tape;

5 construction and installation cold insulation material;

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