Shenyang stretch film supplier


Shenyang stretch film supplier introduced stretch film:

Characteristics: transparent appearance, double-sided adhesive 1. 2. Non-toxic, tasteless, good safety use convenient, high efficiency

3. Good retraction rate Resistance to puncture the 4. Laceration resistant performance is good 5. With good retraction memory and self-adhesive, tightly wrapped into a whole goods, transport upon collapsed and dust pollution

Common width 450 mm, 50 0 mm and 1000 mm, special any cutting width,

Thickness from 0.015 mm to 0.015 mm thickness of arbitrary modulated according to customer requirements, which has two kinds of hand and machine use

Color: transparent, black, red, blue

USES: widely used in foreign trade export, cans, food and beverage, paper and printing, refractory materials, wooden floor, cosmetics, handicrafts, non-woven fabrics, carpets, rugs, ceramics machinery and electronic products, computers, communications products, books and periodicals, electronic components, household electrical products, foundry raw materials, ceramic tile building materials such as steel, profiles, wire, aluminum alloy profiles, and other products

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