Instructions of foam tape

1, before the paste before the removal of adhesive objects on the surface of the dust, oil traces, and keep dry (do not even rainy days in the case of wet wall paste). Such as for the paste mirror, it is recommended to use alcohol to clean the adhesive surface.

2, paste the working temperature should not be less than 10 ℃, or you can use the appropriate hair dryer adhesive tape and paste the surface,

3, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape in the paste after 24 hours to play the best effect (when the adhesive tape to speak as much as possible), so paste the vertical load-bearing objects such as mirror, etc., both sides are already in the case of adhesion 24 hours. If there is no such conditions, vertical adhesion within 24 hours, to support the load-bearing objects.

Before the tape, remove the base material of the oil and dust, wash away other pollutants, and then tear the tape, pay attention to fingerprints or other pollutants. In accordance with the size of the substrate was posted, cut off the tape, after the pressure squeeze, tape paste the surface and pressure, when the need to paste the full pressure. The adhesive force of the tape is the best after 72 to 96 hours of bonding, facing the substrate of plastic, rubber, special paint, etc., need primer. Surface roughness is the main factor determining the thickness of the foam tape. Use to erase the large surface of the ups and downs, erase the need to get rid of dust, the surface roughness is not more than half of the tape. Tape preservation, the side of the tape should be the same, the cumulative no more than 2 meters, so as not to pressure deformation, and the tape placed in the shade, to avoid direct sunlight, while paying attention to moisture, and the life of the tape under normal circumstances is a year from Production date begins market calculation.