VHB Double Sided Foam Tape

Double sided Clear VHB acrylic foam tape


1mm Transparent Double sided Acrylic foam adhesive replacment 3m VHB tape 4910

NKS VHB Acrylic foam Tapes NKS-5080G,NKS-6025T,NKS-5100C,NKS-5110B,NKS-5120W,NKS-5150G,NKS-5200G are designed to provide a Building operations such as heat insulation, connection, bundling, amendment, sealing.


*Waterproof, sound and shake proof

*UV resistance

*Excellent adhesion to metal, plastic, wood, leather, paper which is hard to stick material


*Dustproof and airproof of glass curtain wall assembly

*Building operations such as heat insulation, connection, bundling, amendment, sealing

*Electronic, digital products assembly and processing

*Automotive industry: nameplate, decoration bars, marks, a ideal substitution for 3M VHB tape


Width: Maximum width 31.5  inches (800 mm). (Can be Customized)

Length: 33m (Can be customized).

Custom Sizes: If you need customized sizes or die cut parts please feel free to contact NKS sales


1.) Substrate surfaces should be clean and dry prior to tape application. Isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol) applied with a lint free wipe or swab should be adequate for removing surface contamination such as dust or finger prints. Do not use “denatured alcohol” or glass cleaners which often contain oily components. Allow the surface to dry for several minutes before applying the tape. More aggressive solvents (such as acetone, methyl ethyl ketene (MEK) or toluene) may be required to remove heavier contamination (grease, machine oils, solder flux, etc.) but should be followed by a final isopropanol wipe as described above.

2.) Apply the tape to one substrate at a modest angle with the use of a squeegee, rubber roller or finger pressure to help reduce the potential for air entrapment under the tape during its application. The liner can be removed after positioning the tape onto the first substrate.

3.) Assemble the part by applying compression to the substrates to ensure a good wetting of the substrate surfaces with the tape.

Proper application of pressure (amount of pressure, time applied, temperature applied) will depend upon design of the parts. Rigid substrates are more difficult to bond without air entrapment as most rigid parts are not flat.

Use of a thicker tape may result in increased wetting of rigid substrates. Flexible substrates can be bonded to rigid or flexible parts with much less concern about air entrapment because one of the flexible substrates can conform to the other substrates.


Customers would be provided with below services if you are interested in our products.

A.  Customized order like different cutting sizes, die-cutting designs are all available.

B.  Professional recommendations on tape choice for customers.

C.  Free samples available.

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E.  In time delivery.

F.   Quality assurance.


1. Low MOQ

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5. Prompt reply within 12 hours.

6. Custom logo printing is accepted.