VHB foam tape

VHB are the earliest is the transfer film series officially released in 1974, and in 1979 launched VHB foam tape to further improve the bearing capacity and anti fatigue performance, so that it can be used in more fields. Especially in the construction market, VHB quickly gained the user’s recognition. From 1981 to 1988 in just 7 years, only Japan has more than 200 buildings using VHB tape. At present, VHB has formed a complete product line, with different thickness, different characteristics of more than 20 kinds of products to meet the needs of a variety of use and construction conditions.

Main charateristics

1, with excellent sealing, to avoid gas release and atomization.

2, excellent resistance to compression deformation, that is, with the durability of elasticity, you can ensure that the parts are long-term earthquake protection.

3, with flame retardant, does not contain harmful substances, no residue, no pollution of the equipment, the metal is not corrosive.

4, can be used in a variety of temperature range. Can be used from the negative to the degree Celsius range.

5, the surface has excellent wettability, easy bonding, easy to make, easy to cut.

6, a long, large, viscous stripping initial adhesive strength, good weather performance! Waterproof, anti solvent, high temperature resistance, a good paste on the bending surface.


The products are widely used in electronic and electrical products, machinery parts, all kinds of small household electrical appliances, mobile phone accessories, industrial instrumentation, computer and peripheral equipment, audio-visual equipment, auto parts, toys, cosmetics, gifts, medical equipment, electric tools, office stationery, display shelves, Home Furnishing decoration, acrylic glass, ceramic products, transport of insulation, paste, seal, slip and cushion packaging.

Product Description:

VHB foam tape is acrylic foam tape with double coated acrylic adhesive. The general purpose adhesive bonds to most higher surface energy substrates, including metal, glass, and high surface energy plastics.

Feature,Application and Industries:

Features 1,VHB Tape is resistant to harsh environments, accelerated weathering, outdoor weathering, thermal cycling and fatigue 2,resistance
3,High tensile strength
4,High shear and peel adhesion
5,Resistant to solvents & moisture
Primary Application 1,Bonding
Application Description Excellent performance in demanding applications such as trucks, aircraft wing, signage, glass
Markets Served 1,Construction