VHB foam tape

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VHB products in the earliest came in 1974, the official release of the transfer film products, and 1979 launched the foam type VHB tape to further improve the carrying capacity and fatigue resistance, so that in more areas to be applied. Especially in the construction market, VHB quickly received the user’s approval. From 1981 to 1988, only 7 years, only Japan has more than 200 buildings using VHB tape. At present, VHB has formed a complete product line, with different thickness, different characteristics of more than 20 kinds of products, to meet the use and construction conditions in a variety of use needs.

Key Features Editor:

1, with excellent sealing, to avoid gas release and atomization.

2, excellent anti-compression deformation, that is flexible with durability, can ensure that accessories have long-term shock protection.

3, with flame retardant, does not contain harmful toxic substances, will not remain, will not pollute the equipment, the metal is not corrosive.

4, can be used in a variety of temperature range. From negative degrees to degrees can be used within the range.

5, the surface has excellent wetting, easy to bond, easy to make, easy to punch cut.

6, holding sticky for a long time, stripping large, early sticky strong, good weather resistance! Waterproof, anti-solvent, high temperature, in the curved surface has a good service.


Our products are widely used in electronic and electrical products, mechanical parts, all kinds of small household appliances, mobile phone accessories, industrial instruments, computers and peripherals, auto parts, audio and video equipment, toys, cosmetics, craft gifts, medical equipment, Shelf display, home decoration, acrylic glass, ceramic products, transport industry insulation, paste, seal, anti-skid and buffer shockproof packaging.


VHB is the use of 3M’s unique solvent-free manufacturing technology to produce acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive products, with a closed-cell structure of the viscoelastic foam core material. That is, the entire tape is made of the same material, rather than the foam on both sides of the foam core material. This is also the VHB products and common foam tape the biggest difference, we can vividly called “solid glue.” VHB’s special chemical composition and physical structure to make it with a series of unique performance:

High strength:     VHB is a special acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, with a much higher than the general pressure-sensitive adhesive bonding strength, especially for the metal material for bonding, can get a very high strength. At the same time, the viscoelastic properties of the VHB and the foam structure also enable it to effectively disperse the stress, with superior fatigue resistance, which can withstand 1 million negative pressure stress value of 20PSI. The creep resistance of the material is equivalent to 50 years of service life.

Long life:            Acrylic compounds are a class of very stable organic materials, especially with very good resistance to UV and chemicals. 7000 hours of simulated accelerated aging test results show that its performance is better than the initial performance; and in the hot and humid Florida, hot and dry Arizona and cold, hot temperature difference in Minnesota, with VHB sticky aluminum, painted glass, metal 2 to 5 years of outdoor aging, the results show that the intensity of 100% to maintain.

High temperature

Moisture, chemical resistance:            The closed-cell foam structure of the VHB can completely isolate water, steam, and provide good protection for the glued parts. With # 4945 tape will be two pieces of aluminum and then immersed in 5% of the salt water, placed six years later found that the aluminum part of the bonding is still bright and shiny, pull off the joints, the intensity index is still high. (Similar to structural silica gel, exposed to moisture or immersed in water for a long period of time, will make VHB more elastic and elongation, and the peak force is reduced, usually 40%, in the normal environmental cycle, after drying Mechanical properties will return to normal.) VHB occasional splashing or exposure to chemical solvents such as gasoline, alcohol, MEK and even weak acid will not adversely affect, only long-term immersed in strong gasoline or solvent, will make the tape Soften. (Although VHB tape can withstand these solvents, but not recommended in these occasions for a long time continuous use).